Submissions and Papers by NERI

5/11/2023 Submission on Gas Transition Plan (200 KB) Download
5/11/2023 Submission on Banning Fossil Fueled Base Load (120 KB) Download
5/11/2023 Submission on Interim Hydrogen Roadmap (306 KB) Download
5/11/2023 Submission on Transition to renewable electricity system (100 KB) Download
20/6/2023 Submission on Climate Change Commission Draft Advice 2 (2.5 MB) Download
15/3/2022 Submission on Green Paper (Future of NZ's Research System) (277 KB) Download
24/11/2021 Submission on ERP (248 KB) Download
26/7/2021 Submission on Biofuels Mandate (175 KB) Download
24/6/2021 Submission on Hikina te Kohupara (Transport Emissions) (277 KB) Download
28/3/2021 Submission on Climate Change Commission Draft Advice (193 KB Download
10/12/2020 Post Election Briefing 2020 (74 KB) Download
14/7/2020 Background Note on COVID-19 impacts on the NZ energy sector (210 KB) Download
10/2/2020 Feedback on the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's draft report on Tourism (310 KB) Download
10/11/2019 Response to Draft Research, Science and Innovation Strategy (290 KB) Download
25/10/2019 Response to Hydrogen Green Paper (290 KB) Download
20/6/2019 Working paper: NZ Clean High Duty Cycle Transport: Research Challenges (140 KB) Download
24/4/2019 Comments on Draft Transport Evidence Base Strategy (220 KB) Download
18/4/2019 Meeting NZ's Winter Electricity Needs: Research Priorities (420 KB) Download
22/2/2019 Submission on Process Heat in NZ (150 KB) Download
4/2/2019 Submission on Draft Tourism Strategy (160 KB) Download
23/10/2018 Submission on Electricity Price Review: First Report (200 KB) Download
19/7/2018 Submission on Zero Carbon Act (590 KB) Download
8/6/2018 Submission on NZ Productivity Commission's "Low-emissions economy" Draft Report (510 KB) Download
12/12/2017 Submission on EECA 2018/19 levy work programme (100 KB) Download
27/10/2017 Brief to incoming Ministers (370 KB) Download
4/10/2017 Response to NZ Productivity Commission's "Low-emissions economy" Issues Paper (350 KB) Download
5/9/2016 Comments on Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap (220 KB) Download
2/9/2016 Comments on Scion Biofuels Roadmap Presentation (400 KB) Download
21/7/2016 Comments on targeted consultation on NZEECS (380 KB) Download