About NERI

The National Energy Research Institute is a Charitable Trust incorporated in New Zealand.


Our primary purpose is to enhance New Zealand's sustainability and to benefit the New Zealand community by stimulating, promoting, co-ordinating and supporting high-quality energy research and education within New Zealand.


The current priorities are:

  • To help build a consensus over the energy research New Zealand needs in the medium-term.  To this end in 2017 we developed an energy research strategy for the sector, and in 2023 a framework for the research needed to address the sector's GHGs.  We are working to organise funding for the research programmes needed to give effect to the framework.
  • To scope the workforce and training and education needs of the sector in the face of this change.  We are also considering doing further work on the renewable resources available to service the future needs of the energy sector.

A medium-term priority is to help local energy research groups strengthen their international links.


The Institute is governed by its Trustees and is supported by a part-time CEO.

It has established three classes of membership: sustaining members, ordinary members and association members.  In addition it has a number of supporters that contribute in various ways.

Together the members and supporters form a stakeholder group to provide advice, guidance and feedback to the Trustees.