Wood Fibre Futures report welcomed

“The Wood Fibre Futures report is a welcome addition to our understanding of New Zealand’s clean fuel futures”, said Professor Ian Wright, chair of the National Energy Research Institute. 

The report, released today, scans innovative technologies that would allow forestry sourced energy to potentially substitute for imported fossil fuels.  It addresses both the short-term prospects (predominantly biofuels) and longer-term options to lock in benefits from the short-term (more refined fuels and biochemicals).

“The best clean fuel options for longer-haul transport in New Zealand (trucks, rail, aeroplanes and ships) are still unclear and subject to active international and New Zealand research.  This report provides a roadmap for the research and technology investment necessary to leverage New Zealand’s forestry sector as a potential source for future low-carbon energy fuels.”

“New Zealand has a relatively unique requirement for long-haul transport given our isolation and unique access to a portfolio of energy resources.  The report is a useful reminder of the need for New Zealand to be investing in applied research to help us address the issues that confront us all.”   


Wood Fibre Futures was prepared by Bio Pacific Partners for New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and the Forestry Ministerial Advisory Group. https://www.teururakau.govt.nz/news-and-resources/media-releases/big-opp...