“Yes We Can!” Achieve the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets

Hotel Intercontinental, Wellington 31st May 2016 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

In Paris the Government agreed to climate change targets. These will be met by the emissions trading scheme; domestic mitigation; and purchase of international
emission reduction units. With appropriate policy assistance domestic mitigation could be cheaper than the Government purchasing international units.

Businesses and local government are also looking to what immediate opportunities they can adopt to make them low carbon. This symposium is to present examples of the
opportunities that are technically and economically achievable within the Paris timetable. This will subsequently result in preparation of a collaborative
Plan of Action and recommendation to Government on what policy actions would improve the rate of mitigation. The event will also give guidance on possible productivity and investment opportunities for business decision makers.

The symposium will cover the opportunities for the supply of energy from geothermal, solar, wind and bioenergy resources; the increased productivity from wise energy management; the availability of technology options such as electric vehicles and biofuels; and the demand for sustainable energy for business, transport and domestic use. The
opportunities to be discussed are not “maybes”, or wishful thinking, but realistic and achievable within the Paris timetable.

Attendees will be invited to contribute to development of recommendations to Government on what policy changes would assist.
The symposium is for central and regional policy developers and investment strategists of business and industry to hear of priority opportunities.


A registration form is available at www.bioenergy.org.nz/events
NOTE - Early bird registration until 1st May 2016.
Early bird - (until 1 May) $390 (after 1 May 2015) $430 Event sponsor $0 GST Inclusive

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