The British High Commission, Callaghan Innovation the Smart Grid Forum and the GREEN Grid programme are partnering to host a NZ-UK smart grid collaboration workshop. 

A delegation of smart grid researchers from Britain is visiting New Zealand to meet colleagues with a view to identifying areas for research collaboration.  This after-work seminar will allow each delegate up to 15 minutes to introduce their research area and opportunities for related work in New Zealand before opening the floor to a wider discussion of collaboration opportunities with New Zealand academics and industry participants.  Topics will include:

  • Low cost sensors for distribution networks to facilitate integration of renewables and demand side management;
  • Flexible generation capacity and the role of smart grids; and
  • Data Centre Management of Smart Meters and Demand Side Management for Peak Shaving and Short Term Operating Reserve.

 Currently confirmed delegates are:

  • Dr David Laverty, Lecturer, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Queen's University Belfast;
  • Dr Benjamin Irons, Director and Head of Commissioned Projects, Aurora Energy Research, Oxford; and
  • Gary Hayes, HGEN, Gloucester.

Callaghan Innovation will shout everyone a drink afterwards - as the NZ Government agency providing a single front door to the innovation system for businesses at all stages of their innovation journey – we hope attendees will take advantage of the chance to network with colleagues from New Zealand and our guests from Britain.

The event is free.  Registrations are welcome from all interested parties but particularly stakeholders of the Smart Grid Forum, GREEN Grid research programme and the wider NZ electricity industry and scientific and engineering research community.

The GREEN Grid Programme’s annual conference will be held in Wellington the following day: registrations at

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