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Novotel Hotel, Lake End, Tutanekai Street, Rotorua, New Zealand

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The Bioenergy Association and Advanced Biofuels Research Network have combined to host a symposium including international and local speakers providing an update on the latest research and market activities for liquid biofuels.

A number of international researchers are in Rotorua for a week of IEA Bioenergy meetings.  This will provide a unique opportunity to hear a number of international experts speak at this symposium on their latest research activities and provide updates of the situation of liquid biofuels markets in their respective countries.

The event will cover all liquid transport biofuels, but will specifically be of interest for users of drop-in fuels in road transport, marine and aviation sectors to get an update on progress being made towards having these biofuels available for their applications. The Symposium is also an opportunity to meet others in the sector and get an update on global technology and fuel developments.

The focus of this event will be to:

  • Obtain an update of the emerging liquid biofuels market activities
  • Hear from international researchers on research progress and biofuels deployment in their countries and where they see the market going
  • Build interactions between New Zealand biofuels researchers and industry, government and international research organisations.

The ABRN dinner is planned for the evening of 9 Nov at the Novotel Hotel, Rotorua.  It is open for attendees and for the International IEA researchers to attend if they are available to.

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