blog An Energy Research Agenda for New Zealand <p>Changes are occurring in the global energy sector and these are having significant economic, environmental and social impacts.  Concern over the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) from fossil fuels is one, but changes are also arising from forces such as new technologies, changing use patterns, and global aspirations to improve well-being.</p> <p>These changes are creating both risks and opportunities for NZ, and we also face some unique energy issues of our own to consider.</p> <p>In the normal course of events the less complex shorter-term impacts should be adequately managed and adapted to by NZ.  But investment in high quality well directed applied energy research will be needed to help us respond to the longer-term more uncertain and complex risks and opportunities. </p> <p>That then poses the question: <em>what research should NZ invest in, and to what level?</em> </p> <p>To answer requires a systematic assessment of what the relevant impacts are likely to be on NZ; where NZ research might help; and what the returns might be.</p> <p>Such an assessment is currently not available for NZ, although it exists in other jurisdictions.</p> <p>NERI in representing energy research providers in NZ has a strong interest in seeing a clearer NZ energy research agenda.  It is therefore starting the process of setting such an agenda by producing this scoping paper and <span style="text-decoration: underline;">seeking input into it from interested parties</span>.  </p> <p>By developing this more systematic assessment we are looking to help NZ better judge:</p> <ol><li>The longer-term gaps in knowledge faced by policy makers and the steps required to fill those.  As such this assessment and the research that follows from it should help inform successive NZ Energy Strategies and related documents, and give a basis for strengthening the policy/research relationship;</li> <li>Where the longer-term opportunities and risks lie for New Zealanders (particularly businesses and households) and what is required to address these.  As such this assessment and the research that follows from it should help economic growth and advance social and environmental goals.  Again it should help enhance research sector relationships with users.  </li> <li>Where NZ’s priority areas for public research investments are, and whether the current quantum of investment is appropriate to our needs and to the potential risks and returns;</li> <li>How best to meet our research needs i.e. the extent to which NZ should address these alone, establish relationships internationally, or should simply rely on research being done overseas. </li> </ol> Wed, 13 Apr 2016 05:45:08 -0400